Nov 09, 2013

Awhile back, I worked with the beautiful Avery – whose freckles and red hair couldn’t have been any cuter.  We were working on this collaboration for an upcoming magazine submission and sure as it goes in Washington, moments after we finished with hair, makeup and wardrobe only to have Avery walk onto our outdoor set to be greeted with a downpour of rain.  She was wonderful about working through it and never complained!  To thank her for her participation, we quickly jetted over to her farm where we captured some favorites with her horse, Duke, and she truly lit up!  Hopefully, come Spring, you’ll see this sweet beauty profiled in a magazine spread, we will keep you posted!

Hair: Lisa Kibler with Lone Star Salon

Makeup: Lisa Marie Boos with Lone Star Salon

Headpiece: custom piece by Nyah H

Wardrobe and set: Tana Daugherty, Lisa Kibler

Sep 23, 2013

Another successful year Behind the Chutes at the Pendleton Round Up.

Sep 11, 2013

Every person in this country has a memory or a story about the events of September 11, 2001.  I don’t have a story, I wasn’t personally affected, but I have memories that haunt me each year as I watch my daughter celebrate her birthday.  I was just a few weeks from my 24th birthday and was the *brand new* mother of a beautiful, healthy, baby girl – only 4 days old.  I was tired, excited, emotional (read: hormonal), and so ready for the future ahead of me and my new family.  I had been back home for only my second night when I woke abruptly, and quite honestly, angrily, to the pounding at my front door at approximately 8am PST.  I was still learning my way with a baby, had only been home 2 days and was dealing with some health issues in my recovery process.  I had *just* gotten my new daughter to sleep a few hours prior and I was running on pure exhaustion from my new role as a mother.  As I made it to the door, I remember seeing my mother standing there, bawling, and pale as a ghost.  I couldn’t understand why my mom would just show up unannounced at that time of the day, but figuring that everyone was excited about the baby, I began to lecture her about boundaries, and proper hours for visit, etc.  You know, things that seemed like a big deal prior to 8:47 a.m. on September 11th.  She cried “We are at war!” and brushed past me to the TV where she turned on the news.  It looked like a foreign country and it was a screen filled with a cloud of gray smoke over what looked like a city skyline.  (By this time, it was 11am in New York and the Twin Towers had already fallen)  “What is that” I remember asking.  “That is New York, Tana” was the response my mom gave me and at that time, I understood.  I remember running and grabbing my sleeping newborn, waking her and I just held her and cried.  The overwhelming feeling of fear and confusion hit and I remember crying for hours thinking how it could be that I just brought this beautiful, innocent, perfect little girl into the world and now we were at war.  In our country!  In my favorite city in the world!  What kind of life was she going to have?  What was going to happen next?

Every year, as my sweet girl celebrates a birthday, there is an overwhelming memory that her birthday week is the anniversary of September 11 and each birthday is nostalgic in that feeling of being so powerless, so scared and so very sad.  I’ve tried to teach Nyah about the importance of that day, but the sorrow we all felt, and fear we all shared, cannot be described properly.  Every single person that I knew, felt the very same way.  It is a feeling I will never forget – nor should we.

For anyone who knows me, they know that I love New York.  In high school, I had my mind made up that I would move across country to attend Columbia University (or Boston University as a shabby alternative – LOL), but life and financial aid had a mind of its own, and continued to be a long-distance New Yorker at heart.  My love for the city has never died, and increases with each trip I make to “my” beautiful city.  I thrive off the energy there, the people and the culture.  For those who complain about New Yorkers, I will argue that you haven’t really met a New Yorker in their element – they are fantastic!  When my husband and I planned our wedding a few years ago, the choice was an easy one – we married in Central Park on my grandmother’s birthdate on a beautiful, clear fall afternoon.  I have never been happier and the life of the city filled us with an energy that I cannot explain.  I’ve been blessed to have developed clients and job assignments in New York and we travel frequently.  Each time, we make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero and each time, sit in absolute wonder at the gravity of what it must have been like that dreadful day.  This last April, we toured the 9-11 Memorial and to say that we were overwhelmed would be an understatement.  To stand, look up and try to visualize how tall the towers were, how much of a absence they leave, and what it must have been like to be standing where we were, running from a cloud of falling debris and smoke was so hard to do, no matter how many pictures we’ve seen or how many videos we’ve watched.  The best we could do was to absorb the love and energy that was there the day we were and to take it all in, never for a moment, forgetting why we where there, and how important the ground that we walked on was.

Here are just a few photos from this trip in April.  It’s been 12 years.  We’ve moved on.  Some are raw and don’t talk about it anymore.  Talk about it!  Remember!  Watch the videos again.  Re-read your books.  Don’t let the people who fought so hard, who wept in fear or who lost loved ones go unnoticed today.  Say a prayer, think a good thought or just make a wish.  September 11 is a day we will never forget.  So please, don’t forget!


This summer, I was commissioned for a few jobs in San Francisco and the outlying area.  I previously lived in Northern California for 15 years, and already miss my friends and family there, so what better excuse to make a vacation out of the work trip?!  The kids and I loaded up my car with every possible item we owned (but didn’t need and never used) until we couldn’t see out the windows.  We hit the road for a full month of work, camping, family and friends.  One of our stops was a week in Santa Cruz with family and I enjoyed a day of wandering through the town people-watching and enjoying the feeling of a camera in my hand, capturing whatever captured my eye, and no photoshop or editing needed at all!  Ah, the benefits of shooting for pleasure!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, wharf and main street.


Aug 18, 2013

Meet Lucy.  She is a vivacious, fun, stylish young lady who loves Foster.  Meet Foster.  The magnificent animal who has stolen the heart of all that ride him.

When selecting locations or “themes” for portrait sessions, I like to work with my clients to and plan a theme or location that best represents them – or we create one to best reflect a fun dream shoot.  I always tell clients that I love commercial shoots and love the planning of it all, so “the sky is the limit” and the more props, elaborate wardrobes or “themes” the better.  But sometimes, you don’t need all that.  You really don’t.  For Lucy, there is nothing in this world that makes her light up like being with Foster.  Foster is a beautiful, soulful horse owned by the Circle B Ranch in Snoqualmie, WA and Lucy has been religiously attending her horse riding lessons learning the ins and outs of horses, their environments and the skills needed to work around them.  I’ve known Lucy for awhile now (you may have seen her in a few family sessions over the years) and she is generally a reserved and somewhat shy little girl unless you know her.  When she is around Foster, however, she matures before your eyes.  She walks taller, speaks stronger and has no inhibitions when handling Foster.  It was a beautiful thing to see and a pleasure to document for her and her family.  I look forward to seeing her grow over the years and watch this lasting love between her and her horse over the years.  Being the mom of a budding horse whisper myself, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like watching pony love!

Thank you to Circle B Ranch in Snoqualmie, WA; and our horse handler, Becka who graciously donated her time and talents to help us groom and prepare Foster for his modeling session.



I posted a sneak peek a few months ago of a photo shoot with the very talented (and unbelievably humble), Seattle hip hop artist – Rome Mills aka PROPS.   I am happy to finally be able to blog some of the photos from our session.  Rome is an unbelievable talent and we had fun talking about future projects I was fortunate enough to get to see one of his not-yet-released  music videos and I was blown away!   Rome is very soulful with the imagery and meaning behind his music and videos (take a look at his site, there are several video links there) and it is even more inspiring to know that he writes all of his own material.  He has an amazing team of directors and cinematographers and to be able to be a part of that for a day was very rewarding.  Please, support Seattle’s local music scene and visit PROPS’s website!

PROPS (Rome Mills) – The Planet of Marz

Set Director/Prop Stylist: Elaine Batingan

Makeup Artist: Justine Martinez

This is just a sneak of a lovely wedding I had the pleasure of working on last weekend with Joann Arruda out of Seattle.

Location: Areus Bed and Breakfast, Walla Walla, WA

Event Coordinators: Without a Hitch, Walla Walla, WA

Areus Walla Walla wedding


As a photographer, there are several places that I get inspiration and encouragement from, and one of them is Chic Critique which is a fantastic community for women photographers.  In addition to their online blog and forum, they have a great magazine which showcases work from such talented female photographers across the country.  I love being a part of an industry that is so open to helping one another succeed – not only personally, but as a whole, allowing us room for growth to bring our businesses up a notch to improve the integrity of this amazing, chosen career field.  I have recently entered the September Cover Contest and have selected as my submission for this month’s contest one of my favorite photos from this year, you may remember this photo from a recent fashion shoot, with model Cyan.  Win or lose, I am happy to be a part of such a great community.  If you haven’t taken a look at their blog yet, what are you waiting for?  :)


Seattle Fashion Photographer tana STUDIOS





Aug 16, 2013

Since crime doesn’t sleep – neither do four year old Superheroes … well, at least not until 8pm!

Meet Mister Oliver.  He’s fierce.  He’s swift.  He’s four.

Set Assistant: Hannah Cramer of Le Reve Design & Associates

Location: Fairfield, CA

Jul 04, 2013

One of the most amazing parts of my job is the opportunity to be with very special couples on one of the most memorable and important days of their lives.  I’m blessed to call many of my couples friends and love watching them grow as a couple and see their triumphs after the vows including the purchase of houses, moves, jobs and even babies!  (You have to love Facebook & Instagram for keeping us all in touch despite the distance).  So, while this isn’t a complete list, I will try and do a monthly anniversary post to show my love and appreciation for the couples who allowed me to be a part of their special day.  With that, I am sending a very special Happy Anniversary wish to some of my summer wedding couples.  I love you all and wish you many many many more years of happiness to come!